• United in Empathy

    we are devoted to

    Full Life Care.



Welcome to Empath Health. We are extremely excited to be here, and appreciative of everything that every one of you bring to this wonderful organization.

Together we can protect our legacy of exceptional care, better strengthen our ability to provide, and best solidify our devotion to bringing together the medical expertise necessary with the emotional and spiritual support so essential to our shared mission.

Together, we will grow, to better support the communities we love and are so privileged to serve.

We already

share a passion

and a calling.

And together

we can realize

a shared vision.

Our Vision

Redefine healthcare as Full Life Care.


Unified in empathy, we serve our communities through extraordinary Full Life Care for all.

“Empathy is simply listening, holding space, withholding judgment, emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of ‘you are not alone’.”

Brené Brown, author

Values that

guide our every

day actions.

Each one, an expression of the empathy we find essential. Each, a pathway to achieving real, human connection. Each, a demonstration of our heartfelt compassion, for the full lives we serve, and all we serve alongside.

Eternally Hopeful

We are dedicated to being a source of inspiration in people’s lives by offering renewed empowerment through choice, ongoing encouragement through positivity, and personal dignity through the respect deserving of every stage in life.

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Profoundly Helpful

We are here to provide unwavering support to ALL people, through every moment possible, with the same level of attention, understanding, and insight fundamental to the great outcomes we strive to provide to everyone we serve.

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Lovingly Truthful

We are here to offer guidance, by listening with open minds, engaging with open arms, and enlightening with the genuine, open and honest communication essential to building understanding, trust and ultimately, peace of mind.

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Confidently Skillful

We provide the finest quality care available by insisting on a level of medical expertise that’s unrivaled, a level of excellence that’s unheard of, and a belief in our mission and ourselves that’s undeniable.

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Courageously Impactful

We always strive to make a difference in every life we touch by embracing every opportunity to advocate for people’s needs, adapt to meet life’s challenges, and innovate to continue a history of leading healthcare forward.

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Full Life


Empath Health is uniquely devoted to pioneering all-embracing care that provides for the full life. We’re here for all stages of care, for all dimensions of well-being, and for all aspects dear to one’s life. We consider it a privilege and a calling to give more of ourselves in order to offer a truly exceptional experience, unlike any other. Through an abundance of expert care and an out-pouring of heartfelt compassion, we embolden all with the clarity of understanding, the power of choice and the promise that, “You’re not alone.” Eternally hopeful, profoundly helpful, lovingly truthful we serve, and we offer the understanding, guidance and human connection that enables the fullest life – every step purposeful, every moment meaningful.


A truly full life is our goal. If we can enable a fuller, more meaningful experience at every stage, we make the LIFE changing impact we desire. For us, that means a full commitment to going to the great lengths necessary.


For us, a person’s life consists of all the different stages, of course. But it also pertains to all the important aspects of that life – the family, friends and events that make it vital.


Care, at Empath, equates to so many things, covering the clinical, the emotional and the spiritual aspects of a persons needs. It’s this spectrum of service that allows for truly holistic care for every person.

Two Pioneers.

One Legacy.

Founded as Suncoast (1977) and Tidewell (1980) as true pioneers in hospice care, each of our organizations adapted to change and grew to meet the needs of the community, ultimately evolving to become Empath Health and Stratum Health System, respectively.

Our vision, shaped by inspiration and nurtured by imagination, is now made possible by a new collaboration.

Rooted in the remarkable people that give so much of themselves, we look to further our unwavering commitment to uniquely high standards, by now growing together.

“How wonderful it is now that we are coming together. We are not only united in care… we are united in strength.”

Rafael Sciullo

“Our colleagues have a gift for communicating with those we serve, bringing ease, care, and of course, empathy to our work… and to our mission.”

Jonathan Fleece